woensdag 6 februari 2013

Investors Competition Belgium

In Belgium we have the yearly investors competition called: "Beleggerscompetitie". Of course I'm participating too as "katchum". You can search me if you want and view my "virtual' holdings. My standing is currently at position 8752 of 19000 so I'm above average... I'm currently in emerging markets, China, Russia, gold, agriculture, oil and base metals.

Not that I'm a good trader, but what's interesting about this competition is that you can view the holdings of everyone, including the top 10. And you can win a car (Ford).

I will list the top 10 participants' holdings here:

1) Vanlooy: Gold, Short Europe, Short CAC
2) Rover45: Gold, RHJ International, Short Europe, Short CAC, Long Oil
3) ik short dus ik ford: Gold, Short Europe
4) nicolas 812: Gold, Arcelormittal, Gold Fields, Harmony, Short Europe
5) harpy: Short Europe, Long Oil
6) 902314nd: Gold, Bekaert, KPN Koninklijke, Short Europe
7) astevens: Gold, Short Europe
8) eulsonced: Short Europe
9) Fidelski: Adidas, Barco, BASF, RTL Group, Solvac, STmicroelectronics
10) Houtten: GDF Suez, Harmony, K+S, Royal Imtech, RWE

It's obvious what they all have in common: Long Gold and Short Europe. Harmony Gold is a possible play here. And surprisingly, people are getting long oil!

I say follow the professional investors here. I will keep you updated each week.

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