woensdag 20 februari 2013

Beleggerscompetitie: Update

It's a pretty embarrassing accomplishment for anyone to be almost last place in a competition, namely 22698th. It's all attributed to the decline in precious metals.

All of the top 10, except Nass, have lost their position, because they were long gold.

Here is the new list of top 10:
1) Diddenboyke: Short Gold, Adidas, GDF Suez, Total, Umicore
2) BOSSIE BAS: Short Gold, Credit Agricole, KBC, Nyrstar
3) Fanskb: Short Gold, BNP Paribas, Nyrstar, AXA
4) Remi261: Short Gold, Long Banks
5) tbourrie: Long Gold, China, Russia, ArcelorMittal, Ageas
6) DINAMO7626: RHJ International
7) Chovidio: Short Gold, Long Emerging Markets, Nyrstar, Air Liquide
8) Insomnia: Short Gold, Credit Agricole, Umicore, KBC, BASF, ArcelorMittal
9) Nass: France Telecom, Lafarge, AXA
10) Camul: Short Europe, Shell, Solvay

Looks like most of them are short gold and long banks. Very interesting stock among these is France Telecom. Marc Faber suggested that we should buy European Telecom Stocks. Maybe this is one you should look at.

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