zaterdag 5 januari 2013

If you own gold, put it all in platinum!

A recent interview with David Morgan told us that platinum is far superior now than gold. He says that all of platinum is being produced in Africa, which we already know. But they are producing at costs higher than the price of platinum, which we already know too. He says that the platinum to gold ratio is below historic levels and is much more scarce than gold, which we already know as well.

So if you do own gold, sell it and put it in platinum. If you don't believe me, believe David Morgan:

As an add-on from me though, I want to point out that platinum is being used by the automobile industry for car catalysts (around 60% of platinum is used for autocalayst in 2006). So it is important to look at car sales. And what do you know, 2012 was the best year for car sales since 2006. Ford is profiting!

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  1. Platinum demand from the auto industry will go away if the price goes too high. They'll shift to palladium, then to some other catalyst.

    Also, don't believe anything just cos David Morgan says it.