vrijdag 18 januari 2013

Nice Site to get Current COT Reports

I always thought by myself, how come the COT site doesn't give current charts and current tables here. I mean, those numbers are 2 months old... Because of that, I didn't have current information. But we have a breakthrough here.

Thanks to Dieuwer from Seekingalpha, who pointed out I make a lot of mistakes, I now have a very interesting site to share. Namely: http://www.cotpricecharts.com/commitmentscurrent/

On that site, the two most important ones for me are the one for silver/gold and the other for 10 year bonds.

Gold: http://snalaska.com/cot/current/charts/GC.png
Silver: http://snalaska.com/cot/current/charts/SI.png
10 year bonds: http://snalaska.com/cot/current/charts/TY.png

Let's talk about the silver one first. Chart 1 gives us immediately the commercial interest. And we see that today the commercials are pretty short silver. That means that silver will be weak at this time.

Once the commercials start to become long again (purple chart goes up), like in July of 2012, then you need to start buying silver. And indeed, when you look at the silver price in July 2012, it bottomed out. So this COT site, is a must, to monitor each week.

Chart 1: Silver Open Interest
Chart 2: Silver price
As for the 10 year bonds, Chart 3 gives us an idea what the commercials are doing now. They have gone long just recently. You can see the purple chart has gone positive the previous week. How to read this chart? When the purple chart is very positive, with many commercials buying bonds, like in April 2012, then you should buy bonds. When commercials are short, like in October-December 2012, you should sell bonds.
And it works like candy...

Chart 3: 10 Year Treasuries Open Interest
Chart 4: 10 Year Treasury Yields
It's like Dieuwer has just put money in my pocket with these charts!

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